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What Is Motorcycle Insurance?

This kind of insurance protection is similar in many ways to a typical car insurance plan but engineered specifically for motorcycle owners and riders.


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Kinds of Coverage

This policy will generally have three components: One is the provision of financial compensation should the motorcyclist be involved in some type of accident. This is what will pay out for costs incurred as a result of the other party being injured and to also compensate for any property damage, all of which the motorcyclist is at fault for causing. The second component protects the bike should an accident happen, regardless of fault, which is called “collision” coverage and the third aspect helps out in the event of theft, weather damage, fire, or vandalism of the bike, (known as “comprehensive” coverage). Depending on the kind of coverage one obtains, the insurance provider will compensate for total or partial damages sustained.
It is important to note that one’s car insurance coverage will not apply to his or her motorcycle. Many erroneously believe that their motorbike is covered under an existing auto insurance plan but, in truth, one must have separate coverage.

Who Is It For?

This type of insurance is tailor-made for motorcycle owners. Insurance for motorcycles is for all who own and ride a motorcycle and, in some instances, riders are required by law (and by the lending institution) to carry certain levels and types of this insurance to cover themselves, their motorbike, and others as well.

Major Benefits

Arguably the biggest benefit in obtaining the best motorcycle insurance possible is the peace of mind in knowing that you and your bike are fully financially safeguarded. Not having insurance means that you are more vulnerable and can be left on the hook, out-of-pocket, for many costly expenses. Conveniently, most insurance companies will allow the policyholder to pay premiums monthly, bi-annually, or yearly.

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