Flood Insurance

What Is Flood Insurance?

Flood insurance is a unique kind of property coverage that specifically safeguards the homeowner from the financial repercussions of damage from rising water. This perilous event is often the result of a severe storm but can also come about due to a serious plumbing issue. Some homeowners erroneously believe that handling this kind of water damage occurrence is the job of the basic coverage of their homeowner’s plan, but nothing could be further from the truth. You normally will specifically have to ask for flood coverage in order to ensure that you are the beneficiary of such insurance protection.

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Who Needs It?

Those who own homes may wonder if they need good flood insurance should they live in flood-prone areas. Be aware that any home, no matter its location, can flood at any given time. There is no home that is perfectly safe from this kind of damage. However, as alluded, certain properties will be more susceptible to this than others. For instance, if your home resides in a flood plain zone, there is a far greater possibility that it could be flooded due to severe weather events. Usually, a flood plain is an area of low elevation that often sits close to a body of water. This could be as a small as creek or pond and as large as the ocean. If your home resides in a high-risk flood plain, it will often be a requirement from the lending institution that you obtain and maintain this type of coverage as long as there is a mortgage on the property.

Major Benefits

Prior to purchasing flood insurance for your home, it is important to learn what this kind of coverage provides. It usually pays out benefits for all water-related issues that can occur from any variety of water-caused losses. For instance, this coverage can be utilized to cover the costs of draining accumulated flood water from the home and to then dry out the property thoroughly. It may also be utilized to compensate for the cost of repairs related to covered flood water damage. In some instances, a policy will exclude mold growth issues so, again, be sure to understand your policy details. Keep in mind that water issues often must be addressed quickly in order to prevent mold from taking hold of the home. If you wish to file a claim using your flood coverage, it is critical to act as soon as possible, often within a day or two

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