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What is Homeowners Insurance?

A home purchase will most likely be one of the biggest, if not the biggest investments a person will ever make. This is why it’s critical to obtain the right kind and level of insurance coverage. Having insurance is often necessary for those who carry a mortgage, but why not acquire the coverage necessary to safeguard such a big investment, so as to know you’re well protected regardless of the home loan?

One’s homeowner’s insurance is often the primary line of defense, protecting the person and family from a wide variety of risks during the time of residence. If you plan on purchasing a home in the near future, then it is wise to start investigating the various insurance options sooner rather than later.


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Basic Home Coverage

The standard home insurance plan covers common threats and losses such as severe weather, theft, vandalism, fire damage, etc. It will compensate for some or all of the expenses resulting from injuries that can take place on one’s property, wherein guests or residents might be injured. When deciding upon a policy, it is important that you tailor your insurance plan to your particular needs. For instance, those who reside near the beach might need financial protection for mudslides, but that kind of coverage may not be relevant if you live further inland. In general, you can add extra coverage to any home insurance policy as you see fit.

Property and Dwelling Protection

One of the most complicated aspects of good homeowners insurance is the difference between the protection for the specific dwelling and for that of the property. The actual home structure will only be safeguarded if you have specifically enlisted dwelling coverage. For the protection of personal belongings within the home, property protection is made available as well. For those who have multiple structures on their property, like a shed, a detached garage, and the like, add-on coverage is also available to protect these additional structures.

Replacement Cost or Cash Value?

As you are deciding upon your policy parameters and limits, an important decision you will face is whether to have cash value or replacement cost coverage. In the vent of a loss, with cash value coverage you are compensated for the current value of your home and the personal property within. If the real estate market in your area is depressed, then the policy itself may very well not pay out as much as before. Consequently, many homeowners will opt for replacement cost coverage. Should there be a major loss, you will benefit by ample financial assistance to rebuild the house and replace your possessions in full.

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