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An Insurance Declaration Page is a document that forms part of your insurance policy, is is also sometimes referred to as the”DEC page” of your insurance documents. The Insurance Declaration Page will often contain the following information:

  • Who is insured
  • What is insured
  • How it is insured (type of coverage)
  • How much it is insured for (policy limits)
  • How long the insurance policy is valid for (effective and expiry dates)

Your insurance declaration page is used as a summary of the coverage and conditions of your insurance contract. Insurance policies have multiple pages. Looking through all the pages to understand the basics of your insurance policy would be complicated. The insurance declaration page simplifies this process by giving the insurance policy holder a basic overview of their insurance policy in one area so everything is clearly outlined as well as the costs associated with the coverages listed on the page.

Insurance Companies offer up to 20-30% off their property insurance pricing if the client insures their cars at the same time. We review auto and property insurance together to make sure we are putting our best foot forward with a plan that is comprehensive and competitive.

Most insurance companies will let you download copies of your insurance policy coverage pages by simply setting up an account on-line. For your convenience, here is a list of the most common insurance company websites. Once you’ve downloaded your policies, return and complete your submission.

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