Supporting Our Community, One Name at a Time!

Did you know that recent research indicates that nearly 21 million Americans have some type of addiction? The Addiction Center defines addiction as a “mental disorder which compels someone to repeatedly use substances or engage in behaviors even though they have harmful consequences” As a result, this disorder kills countless people every year and impacts millions of lives.

In North Carolina, the Charlotte Rescue Mission was created in 1938 with the goal of reaching out to the homeless and those battling addictions. A few decades later, in 1990, the Mission decided to focus more heavily on combating addiction by hiring “a Christian staff trained in professional substance abuse recovery services.” Since then, they have been able to counsel thousands of people to “move beyond the cycles of homelessness and addiction to become productive citizens in the community.” 

At Farley Insurance Group, we want to do our part to show our support to those individuals in our community suffering from addiction and homelessness. It is for that reason that we are pledging to donate $10 on your behalf to the Charlotte Rescue Mission for every person you recommend to our agency for a no-obligation quote – yes, every single one! With your help, we can ensure that this essential organization continues to do its necessary work!

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