Cure for a Cause: Pediatric Cancer Research and You

Children aren’t meant to spend their days in a hospital bed, hooked up to IVs and countless machines, but 1 in 330 youth in America are diagnosed with some type of childhood cancer before the age of 20, which adds up to over 12,000 children every year. That’s also thousands of parents living sleepless nights, signing up for any and all treatment plans with the slim hope of seeing their child recover. 

Your team at Farley Insurance Group is joining the fight against pediatric cancer for our Community Cause campaign with The Cure Starts Now foundation. It began with a blog created by the parents of a dying girl named Elena, written to her little sister. Supporters wrote in from all across the country, unknowingly dubbing “the cure starts now”, which was then founded in 2007. Since then their team and researchers have been busy producing significant research on pediatric brain cancer with the goal of finding what they call the “Homerun Cure”. Research on childhood cancer has additionally proven to be integral in making discoveries for all types of cancer. 

Our agency recognizes all the effort The Cure Starts Now is making to put an end to childhood cancer, and together we can make a difference in the future of children everywhere! We’ll donate $10 for every person you recommend to receive an insurance quote from us, and all of it goes entirely to research. Every cent counts when it comes to saving children from a life shaped by cancer’s cruel hand, so let’s get moving and be a part of the cure!

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